Israel Day 5 2012

Left Galilee and headed South (Up) to Jerusalem. Got to go to Beth Shan and to Jericho for the 1st time.

The entrance to the BethShan theater and the ruins are my favorite shots.


Israel Day 4 2012

Started off our day at Ceasarea Philippi, then on to Tel Dan then a look over the sea of Galilee before an evening boat ride on the lake.


Israel Day 3 2012

Started the day off at The Beatitudes mountain then went to Nazareth village, and then to the Jesus boat. Great day with Mandy and Addison.

Israel Day 2 2012

We are enjoying our 1st whirlwind tour day here in the Holy Land. Here are some shots of our 1st night together and one the road. Caesarea by the sea, Megiddo, Mt Carmel.

Israel Day 1 2012

Arrived safely at the Tel Aviv airport. Security was very easy all around. Dallas, Philadelphia, Israel... the lines were not long and we breezed right through.

Addison, Mandy, and I jumped on our bus and drove to the city with other staff members. Once we took our showers, we went with a few friends to Joffa. The weather was perfect.

I'm up in the middle of the night (as always) trying to get my internal clock right.

Philadelphia 2012 Mandy and Addison

On our way to Israel, we had a great layover in the city of brotherly love. Saw a lot of historical sites and of course eat a Philly Cheese Steak and ran the Rocky Steps.

Headed with IFL and Chuck Swindoll to the Holy Land next.